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Sunday, January 26, 2014

WWE: The Royal Rumble

     Every year wrestling fans get to gather into a friend's house and order the most entertaining wrestling event of the season, The Royal Rumble.  Thirty members enter this event and only one is left standing in the end providing the superstar with the automatic chance to obtain the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania in New Orleans. This year's rumble provides the hardcore and long-time fans with a lot to be concerned about.  

  1. Batista Winning:
    • Too obvious, but the truth is the more obvious something is the more likely the WWE is going to see it done.  No disrespect to Batista, but there are so many superstars backstage that can propel the WWE back on the map almost as big as it was during the beloved and never forgotten Attitude Era.
  2. Shield Split Prelude:
    • This again would be a huge ball dropped by the WWE.  It's too soon to split one of the factions that has had the biggest impact since DX in the WWE.  Nothing comes close to the impact of the NwO and so I would never dare go there with this debate.  I am certain there will come a point where the Hounds will be in the ring alone and get their 3 on 1 scenario to play out as it normally does.  The fear is Dean and Seth accidentally knocking out Roman increasing the already existent tension.  WWE DON'T DARE DO THIS!
  3. Bryan Winning:
    • Beard winning is bad not because he doesn't deserve the title shot, but because why not have Daniel versus TAKER at Mania?  When the Wyatt family first assaulted Bryan it was Bray that made the odd statement "The Devil made us do it".  Who is the Devil?  The Wyatt family also assaulted and kidnapped Kane, but what happened to Kane?  Is it Bryan's fault that Kane is who he is now?  The monster became a bureaucrat!  Have the Wyatt family serve Taker and let Bryan take on the Phenom.  Let him end the streak proving once and for all he deserves his title shot (he doesn't need the Rumble for this push).
Let's be very clear:  CM Punk is NOT winning this Rumble.  It will be Punk versus HHH at Mania.  No need for a build up story there being that CM has made plenty of his own history in that department.  Let's not forget his Pipebomb off the script segment to the camera, "Your idiot daughter and doofus son-in-law".  

Prediction:  I have to take a surprise pick here.  Bray Wyatt.  The family is hot.  They even made the cover of Forbes magazine.  Lord knows Cena wins the title tonight and then he can face Lesnar at the Elimination Chamber next month and win there too.  Imagine the twisted promos that Bray Wyatt could cut against Cena and his "Never Give Up" Army.  It would not be a bad thing.

Rumors:  I hear Sting may be the 30th member to enter the Rumble.  Knock out the remaining contestants with a bat and eliminate himself while pointing at the Wrestlemania sign.  Do I think this is likely? No.  But expect to see at least Sheamus and Jericho tonight.  

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

"Best Royal Rumble Participant of All-Time- HBK"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hasta La Vista Denver

This is the message the Sherminator will resonate throughout the Super Bowl.  along with his teammates in the Seahawks' secondary.  As fans you can't ask for a more appealing matchup than Denver vs Seattle or maybe it's the fact I would genuinely enjoy Seattle eating Peyton alive?  We are going to hear all about the best defense versus the best offense as the marketing point for this final, but I think the bigger story is Seattle's 12th Man going to have the same impact in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Richard Sherman gave us the moment of the NFL Playoffs thus far with his sensational defensive play, but even better than that pass deflection was his tearing into Michael Crabtree.  One thing Crabtree should have been warned of was not to light the fire under the best corner in football.  Are people really going to hold it against this athlete for being emotionally invested?  Sure, the stiff white-collar members of the sports universe, but to the everyday fans like myself and Nelly Gunn this is the sort of stuff that makes players worth watching.

The big picture would leave us watching Peyton Manning as Public Enemy No.1 for Richard Sherminator, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Co.  Can they slow down the likes of Demaryius Thomas, Julius Jones, Wes Welker, Eric Decker, and Knowshown Moreno?!  For those that are not aware of this Moreno is playing on the biggest stage in his sport and has a chance of putting his skills on display being that he hits Free Agency this offseason.  He posted 1,000+ yards in an offense that screams pass, pass, pass, OMAHA OMAHA, pass.  Peyton has broken down some great defenses over the years and let's not forget where the Kansas City Chiefs ranked this year in defense.  Peyton was having field days against the Chiefs (I would know he was my opposing QB in Fantasy Football in one of those games).  Only difference is as good as Eric Berry and Brandon Flowers are the Chiefs just don't have the defensive tenacity that the Seahawks display each and every week.

Quite simply as good as Denver's offense is I don't see them breaking more than 24 points against this Seahawks defense in fact I think Seattle takes this home with turnovers and wins the game on the defensive side of the ball.  34-17 final with Seattle taking home the Super Bowl in New York.  Peyton will be Sherminated.

"This is the hand that ended your dreams and shut your mouth".  I'm sure this was close to what was said with a few expletives.  

Peyton Manning is ready to tie his little bro

Super Bowl  Sunday baby ! . It's here , all nfl fans have to do is survive this horrible
PRo Bowl week and then start  heading to your local Deli's and restaurants to get your
lucky number box. Broncos vs Seahawks, best quarterback in the game against the top
 Defense in the game at the House that Eli built. The Broncos opened up as the underdogs at +1 and less than 15 hours later the spread moved 3 points to -2. Let me tell you why that is. Seattle vs drew Brees was a joke! . The 12th man  is gone now  and  no more referee calls that  will lean towards home field advantage at times. Peyton is a quick passer, the ball is out in less than two seconds so sacks are rare in this one. MetLife will be a Bronco heavy crowd because Eli playing from New York . The officials will make sure no cheap shots will b taking on both sides. Here are my 3 key matchups that lead me to believe in Denver hosting the Lombardi.

  1. Coaching: Pete carrol is a players coach and his team loves him. Over the years Pete has developed a great special teams and defense and has now figured out the final piece. As a college fan I will always remember him losing to Vince Young  and they shouldn't have. He finally got the best of Harbaugh from getting upset by Stanford felt like  all the time. The edge goes to John Fox  and here's why. Fox has been here before with Carolina and got his teams best game against the Patriots that year. They fell short but they weren't talented like New England. Fox has had heart problems this year and they have been playing better defense since his return to the sideline. I trust him to know the  proper preparation to give to his boys . The other side who knows what they are going to do

 2. Denver's wide core vs Seattle's secondary:   Peyton has all the weapons he needs to find holes in the Seattle defense. Demarius Thomas is a big time playoff wide reciever and just because the Sherminator is on him don't mean he's not gonna produce. He will have catches in this game. Wes welker should have a huge chip on his shoulder since the last time he's been in a Super Bowl . He will be Peyton's go to wide that day if he is not scared to go over the middle but  the quick read and screen game should be his . Julius Thomas will be overlooked , Seattle has already shut down Vernon Davis and Jimmy graham to no contest. If Seattle don't use the same 2 bracket Coverage  like they did with those two they are gonna regret it. Decker is the X factor/home run threat, Peyton loves his slot guys in the red zone so decker might be getting multiple touchdowns. The biggest worry here is if the refs let the chippiness go.

3. Russell Wilson: I love Russell Wilson . The guy has  been on my fantasy team for two years straight but this is the SuperBowl.  It's his second year in the league but, his play this playoffs have been very scary. I would be worried in the two minute drill with the game on the line especially Denver's defense playing stout against Brady. I believe  he will play his best playoff game in the Superbowl  only because Seattle will run a lot and use Harvin in the screen game. If Wilson is down 14-0 I don't know if he has the poise not to force throws. He must use his legs and give with the defense gives him. Peyton may throw a pick 6 but I trust him to get right back out there and go down the field. 2 weeks to prepare is a dangerous Peyton.

4. I don't lose the Super Bowl.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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