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The Return of the Animal, Batista was so highly anticipated and did the WWE deliver? NO!  Instead we had to sit in front of our televisions and listen to Randy Orton become a cry-baby rather than a viper.  Not to mention Stephanie McMahon decides to insult him about striking elderly men, but was she not the woman who ordered the Big Show to K.O. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes? Yes she was, but these hired writers are about as good as the writers who sit down for Nickelodeon and arrange episodes of Dora the Explorer.

There are only a few things remaining in the WWE that give me hope as a fan and I'm sure many of you as well.  They are as follows:

  1. The Shield
    • Between Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns you can't truly find a favorite because they are the perfect complements to each other.  I understand Bray Wyatt is great on the mic, but Dean Ambrose brings an entirely different persona to the promo world.  Seth Rollins is undoubtedly the most talented and athletic of the trio and will one day be someone compared to Shawn Michaels when it is all said and done.  Roman is the WWE's pick to be in the title contention picture ahead of his teammates.  He will likely be the impact man at the Rumble, but I BELIEVE it's safe to imagine the WWE having a Shield member eliminated by another Shield member.  I think it will be Roman tossing out Dean with Seth torn in the middle.  In summary the Shield is going to carry this industry forward and it's too soon to break them up, but the faith I have in this writing staff is non-existent and so we can take a front-row seat to this upcoming disaster.
  2. C.M. Punk
    • GIVE THIS MAN A STORY HE CAN CARE ABOUT! We feel his grief and distaste.  Wouldn't we love to see Punk vs HHH at Mania? YES! Would I like to see Punk win the Rumble? Yes.  Of all the top level talent this man put the entire company on his back during his reign as the longest running champ in the modern day age.  Pipebomb after pipebomb and match after match "The Best in the World" delivered.  
  3. Damian Sandow
    • The intellectual savior of the masses needs to be at the center stage whether its for the Intercontinental or soon after the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.  He has the mic skills, competes in the ring, gets the crowd engaged, then why not?  I'll never forget the cash in of October 2013 on Raw when Sandow should have raised the belt, but instead he found himself going up against The Man of Steel.  In the case nobody can or has broken that down John Cena is Mr. Invincible.  
  4. Bad News Barrett
    • I was worried when Wade was gone that they were gonna repackage him negatively.  Instead, something the writing staff has done right for a change and that's give us this comedic heel genius.  He tells it how it is and that's what makes him great.  I do have some Bad News though... he won't get the push he deserves because of favoritism.  A fun feud would be Bad News Barrett and Damian Sandow.  You can have either of these men go face for this or frankly just let two heels battle it out.  Why not?
  5. Dolph Ziggler
    • I was there after Wrestlemania 29 at Monday Night Raw and I have been to a lot of sporting events.  Nothing comes close to the deafening chants at the stadium for Dolph from the start of Raw until the conclusion of Raw.  We were even thanked by John Cena (barf) for making history and Dolph's night so special.  Here is an athlete that sells it like some of the best in the company's history.  He performs better than 95% of the roster if not 100%.  The problem is that he is not the WWE typical "BIG MAN" image that has always been prevalent in history.  C.M. Punk defied those critics, but that's because he seized the momentum created by himself.  Dolph Ziggler is being pushed into irrelevance and it's a crying shame.
Special Mention to Daniel Bryan:  They can't bury this guy if they tried.  Only thing hotter than Daniel Bryan is nothing.  He will be champion sooner than we think and I think the WWE realizes the mistake they made.

I'll be posting again before the Rumble and after the Rumble.  

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