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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WWE: A Chamber of Secrets?

 This week wrestling fans we are at the final pay per view before the big dance!. Wrestlemania season is finally here and let the biggest story lines, most anticipated matches, and hope for legendary moments. The EC has a great card for us fans but it's been too easy for fans to predict what's going happen. In a boring Vinny Mac scenario,  there will be no title changes this Sunday and only boost champions as they defend their strap in a month. I personally have no interest in this PTP feud. Let's face facts all tag groups put together are better than these two. I might CM-PUNK this match n walk out of my living room. There has to be a master plan in this pay per view and here's my 2 points.

1.  Is bray Wyatt going to "sister Abigail" roman reigns for the win? I can't picture that happening. The Wyatt's have to win because they are the biggest heel in the company besides Orton.The WWE will make sure they are at their top of their game for Mania. The conclusion then is dean Ambrose will turn on reigns in the shield will fight each other at Mania ,OR the Undertaker returns!!!!  Takes out the shield n aligns himself with the family!. It is reported he will be in attendance the Monday after EC. This will be a great move because the shield are the ones that took out the undertaker when we lost saw him. I hope the dead man shows up in this one.

2. Who goes head to head vs randy orton at the end? Cesaro and Christian are in this match primarily because they are very good with their craft and vinny Mac can't afford a big injury happening. I'm sure Christian will do a top chamber maneuver and Cesaro will dazzle us with his strength but they are both not headlining WM30. This is purely a screw job match just like royal rumble and seems every pay per view this year . There had been no real plot behind Orton vs Batista at mania besides their 2 minute encounters each week. There's no real grasp by the fans and there shouldn't be . I don't see how Daniel Bryan can lose this match unless Kane or Hhh interfere. A complete mind blow will be Cena and Bryan being the last two left somehow, and Bryan beating Cena !. The WWE's plans for Wrestlmania 30 will be a very clear picture after this pay per view and I'm excited to watch!.

Suprise call: yusef attacks BIG E after his match

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