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Sunday, January 26, 2014

WWE: The Royal Rumble

     Every year wrestling fans get to gather into a friend's house and order the most entertaining wrestling event of the season, The Royal Rumble.  Thirty members enter this event and only one is left standing in the end providing the superstar with the automatic chance to obtain the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania in New Orleans. This year's rumble provides the hardcore and long-time fans with a lot to be concerned about.  

  1. Batista Winning:
    • Too obvious, but the truth is the more obvious something is the more likely the WWE is going to see it done.  No disrespect to Batista, but there are so many superstars backstage that can propel the WWE back on the map almost as big as it was during the beloved and never forgotten Attitude Era.
  2. Shield Split Prelude:
    • This again would be a huge ball dropped by the WWE.  It's too soon to split one of the factions that has had the biggest impact since DX in the WWE.  Nothing comes close to the impact of the NwO and so I would never dare go there with this debate.  I am certain there will come a point where the Hounds will be in the ring alone and get their 3 on 1 scenario to play out as it normally does.  The fear is Dean and Seth accidentally knocking out Roman increasing the already existent tension.  WWE DON'T DARE DO THIS!
  3. Bryan Winning:
    • Beard winning is bad not because he doesn't deserve the title shot, but because why not have Daniel versus TAKER at Mania?  When the Wyatt family first assaulted Bryan it was Bray that made the odd statement "The Devil made us do it".  Who is the Devil?  The Wyatt family also assaulted and kidnapped Kane, but what happened to Kane?  Is it Bryan's fault that Kane is who he is now?  The monster became a bureaucrat!  Have the Wyatt family serve Taker and let Bryan take on the Phenom.  Let him end the streak proving once and for all he deserves his title shot (he doesn't need the Rumble for this push).
Let's be very clear:  CM Punk is NOT winning this Rumble.  It will be Punk versus HHH at Mania.  No need for a build up story there being that CM has made plenty of his own history in that department.  Let's not forget his Pipebomb off the script segment to the camera, "Your idiot daughter and doofus son-in-law".  

Prediction:  I have to take a surprise pick here.  Bray Wyatt.  The family is hot.  They even made the cover of Forbes magazine.  Lord knows Cena wins the title tonight and then he can face Lesnar at the Elimination Chamber next month and win there too.  Imagine the twisted promos that Bray Wyatt could cut against Cena and his "Never Give Up" Army.  It would not be a bad thing.

Rumors:  I hear Sting may be the 30th member to enter the Rumble.  Knock out the remaining contestants with a bat and eliminate himself while pointing at the Wrestlemania sign.  Do I think this is likely? No.  But expect to see at least Sheamus and Jericho tonight.  

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

"Best Royal Rumble Participant of All-Time- HBK"

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